About The Blue Star Webstore

Blue Star

Blue Star is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization founded in 1988 by Sri Vasudeva. We are dedicated to the development of human potential at all levels - physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual. Our programs are focused on self realization, well-being, community service and co-creating a more compassionate/peaceful world.

The Blue Star Webstore was created out of a desire to better serve you

Throughout the years there has always been great interest in Sri Vasudeva's work from students across the world. However, having access to his teachings and materials has always been a challenge for many, given the impractical nature of buying and shipping items from Trinidad and Tobago to their respective countries. The Blue Star Webstore was lovingly created with the intention to serve these dedicated and intensely focused seekers of truth.

We sincerely hope this online store serves you well, and gives you access to the rich treasure trove of knowledge that is to be found in Sri Vasudeva's teachings. As this is the first time we are launching such a store we ask for your understanding, because it is a very difficult endeavor, and because this store was created with limited resources on a voluntary basis out of love. We ask that you bear with us through any initial difficulties you may encounter during this launch, as we will work hard to serve you well.

Please note that we will continue to add more and more of Sri Vasudeva's workshops, chanting and other various recordings to this store. Our goal is to eventually have all of Sri Vasudeva's teachings available in digital format, however, this will take time. We apologize if we do not have the material you are interested in at the moment, and we ask that you please feel free to email us with your requests and comments.

To all of you, from all of us at the Blue Star Webstore - Thank you

Atri Zen
Webmaster, A/V Manager